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What Sci-Fi Franchise Yielded The Best Selling Instrumental Single Of All Time?

Star Wars
Star Trek
Dr. Who
Which Metal Has The Lowest Melting Point?

Answer: Star Wars

The Star Wars Sci-Fi franchise is notable for a multitude of reasons including widespread critical acclaim, box office records, and the spawning of a massive and devoted fan base.

Tucked away in all those heavy hitting accomplishments is a rather quiet one. In 1977 a disco adaptation of John Williams’ iconic Star Wars score was remixed by record producer Domenico Monardo and released as Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk.

A single from that album–Star Wars Theme and Cantina Band–was a smash hit both with disco DJs and Star Wars fans; it went on to become the only instrumental single certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America and, in the process, the most popular musical recording based on a Sci-Fi television show or movie.

For a brief moment in history, thousands of people were getting their disco groove on to the theme song and score of what would go on to become one of the most iconic Sci-Fi movies of all time.